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Jessie and Angel's Most Excellent Adventure

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Saluki's Rule the Roost

Here's our girl Jessamine on one of her most excellent adventures. A dog's life in our family has its advantages. Road trips, rabbits, good chow a warm bed at night with her people. Well it and interesting story with lots of photos and places. Join us in a photographic trip to some of the place that we frequent, our family and of course, our dogs.

We obviously have a lot of outdoor activities. When not working, we are very mobile. The west is the playground and we certainly have seen a lot of it in the past years. Now, we routinely go to Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico for coursing with the dogs and our many sporting activities. With our planned move to New Mexico, even more of the west will be opened up for exploration.

For our friends, please enjoy the pictures and share with us "Jessie and Angel's most excellent adventure". Oh, I forgot. Now there will be two more salukis on the trial with us.

Read on!


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